Probate and Estate Litigation

Probate and Estate Litigation encompasses a myriad of legal issues and disputes involving wills, guardianships, powers of attorney, trusts, estates, and more. Craig T. Matthews & Associates, LPA works with clients to discover the heart of the situation and successfully resolve probate and estate cases.

We represent executors, trustees, administrators, and beneficiaries across a broad range of situations including administration disputes, fiduciary contests, tax issues, and overall litigation of complex estates and trusts.

  • Will Contest Litigation: Defend or challenge the validity of a will when your rightful claim to inheritances have been compromised due to incompetence or undue influence when the will was signed.
  • Guardianship Litigation: Defend your right to independence or pursue the appointment of a guardian to protect a loved one’s personal, financial, or medical needs.

Learn about our Estate Planning services that help protect your assets and your loved ones. Probate Litigation cannot always be prevented in its entirety, but much of it can be avoided with good estate planning.