Guardianship Litigation

We pursue applications for the appointment of a guardian if an elderly person is being taken advantage of but lacks insight or judgment and cannot protect themselves. And we defend elderly persons who must fight for their independence after a family member or other files an application to declare them incompetent for their own financial gain.

When an elder is unable to take care of their own personal, financial, or medical needs, and a “friend” or family member swoops in like a vulture, a guardian should be appointed.  A guardianship is much more expansive than power of attorney and covers a broad range of duties, including the responsibility of dealing with personal affairs, and protects against someone using a power of attorney to benefit themselves. In Ohio, Guardians are appointed by the probate court. Each county has their own specific probate court that will appoint a guardian, upon application and approval.

GUARDIANSHIPS: What is it, When is it necessary, and How to become one
Senior citizens are inherently at a higher risk of fraud and financial abuse.  Fraud and financial scams targeting seniors are widespread.  Estimates put it at up to $3 Billion a year.  While it may seem like con artists and thieves are the common perpetrators of heartless crimes targeting senior citizens, it often is someone else, someone much closer.  In order to protect against the elder against close friends and family trying to take advantage, a guardianship may be needed. Continue Reading »

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