Employment Litigation

Craig T. Matthews discusses how his firm helps both employees and employers in disputes arising from the employment relationship.

“The way that I help in an employment situation is to determine if any laws have been violated. When an employee comes to me, the first thing that I try to do is find out are any of these prohibited grounds involved in this determination. And that’s a matter of getting to know the client, talking to them, taking time understanding their situation. Asking them questions about the situation. Sometimes they don’t even know why they were terminated and they don’t know what their rights are. So, it’s an educational process and it’s also a fact-gathering process that my initial meeting or meetings involve to see what the picture is and determine if there has been a violation of the law.”

When you have an employment dispute, you need a lawyer who’s familiar with those laws, familiar with their litigation, and familiar with what it takes to get a case settled. If you have an employment dispute, you need an attorney that’s familiar with the complicated laws.

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