Practice Areas

Our firm focuses on the following:

Sexual Harassment Litigation

Sexual harassment continues to occur in many workplaces. Unfortunately, a number of employers fail to adequately respond to initial complaints. In many cases, lack of prompt, effective action by human resources and management leads to more harassment, which can create a hostile work environment. Successful Sexual Harassment litigation means creating a situation where an employee can go back to work and not have to worry or lose sleep at night thinking that they’re going to be victimized again. Learn more »

Elder Fraud Litigation

Our passion is driven by personal experience. At the law firm of Craig T. Matthews & Associates, LPA, we protect those who can’t protect themselves. We are one of the few litigation firms in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas that place a vital focus on elder financial abuse. We know how important it is to protect the rights and financial interests of the most vulnerable in our society. Learn more »

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation occurs when an employee has a dispute with an employer, or an employer has a dispute with an employee, due to employment-related issues such as discrimination or harassment. Employment and Labor Laws are complex and frequently change so navigating employment-related disputes can be a complicated and disruptive process. When you have an employment dispute, you need a lawyer who’s not only familiar with employment laws, but familiar with what it takes to get a case settled. Learn more »

Business Litigation

Business litigation is used when a business or an individual has a legal dispute with another business which cannot be resolved through negotiation. Success in business disputes and business litigation turns upon preparation… It’s important in a business dispute for the client to come to us sooner rather than later. The longer a client waits, the more out of hand a situation can get. Learn more »

Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation most often arises when changes are made after construction begins and without amending the original contract in writing. Home and Commercial Construction takes time – sometimes months, even years – and over time, objectives can change. Those changes must be reduced to writing to protect all involved parties. Learn more »

Probate and Estate Litigation

We advise and litigate on behalf of beneficiaries, administrators, executors, and trustees on issues related to complex will, trust, and estate management. Learn more »


An appeal is a request to a higher court to reverse the decision of a trial court after final judgment or other legal ruling. Learn more »