In Wrongful Death Civil Case, the Spouse May Not Be Suitable to File the Lawsuit

INTRODUCTION After a death in Ohio involving wrongful conduct, the probate court of the county where the victim died determines who will represent the estate of the decedent.  When the decedent was married at the time of their death, an issue before the probate court is whether the court may look beyond the fact that […]

GUARDIANSHIPS: What is it, When is it necessary, and How to become one

Senior citizens are inherently at a higher risk of fraud and financial abuse. Fraud and financial scams targeting seniors are widespread. Estimates put it at up to $3 Billion a year. While it may seem like con artists and thieves are the common perpetrators of heartless crimes targeting senior citizens, it often is someone else, someone much closer. In order to protect against the elder against close friends and family trying to take advantage, a guardianship may be needed.

SPENDTHRIFT TRUSTS: Are your assets safe from creditors?

Do you have a revocable trust with a spendthrift provision?  Do you think it will protect your assets from creditors?  Do you think your trust will protect your beneficiaries from those creditors, during your lifetime?  Think again!  Under Ohio Rev. Code § 5805.06, the protections of a revocable trust can be broken by creditors, regardless […]

Blended Families

Death, Divorce, Second Marriages, Stepchildren, and Blended Families Serving Clients in Dayton, Cincinnati and Throughout Central and Southern Ohio At Craig T. Matthews & Associates, LPA, we see this situation arise all too often. The death of a spouse is commonly followed with a second marriage by the widow or widower, regardless of how the […]