Ohio Whistleblower Statute: Proper Procedures and Remedies

Ohio Revised Code 4113.52 protects employees who “blow the whistle” on employer misconduct. However, the procedure of whistleblowing is different depending on the circumstances surrounding the employer’s violation. If you believe a violation has occurred at your place of employment, the first step is to identify the category of situation, so that you are able […]

Sexual Harassment & Retaliation: What to do When it Happens to You

Sexual harassment plagues far too many workplace environments.  Women regularly call us reporting sexual misconduct throughout Ohio.  From Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Springfield, Urbana, and beyond. Technology and social media encourage behaviors that lead to sexual harassment, portraying them as fantasies.  Sexual harassment is not a fantasy.  It is harassment and nothing more.  Employers are […]

A Challenge to the Public Policy Exception to the At-Will Employment Doctrine

A case my firm handled recently involved paralegals who were terminated by a law firm with offices in Ohio.  Each paralegal had observed illegal conduct committed by a number of employees of the firm, on multiple occasions. Separately, each of the clients brought their concerns to their respective supervisors and each paralegal was subsequently terminated.  […]