Willful And Malicious Misappropriation

Ohio recognizes the tort of Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, which occurs when someone with a duty to maintain secrecy discloses trade secret information to a third party.1 A trade secret can include a business’s list of client names and contact information, formulas, methods, programs, or other types of information that gives a company an economic […]

A Challenge to the Public Policy Exception to the At-Will Employment Doctrine

A case my firm handled recently involved paralegals who were terminated by a law firm with offices in Ohio.  Each paralegal had observed illegal conduct committed by a number of employees of the firm, on multiple occasions. Separately, each of the clients brought their concerns to their respective supervisors and each paralegal was subsequently terminated.  […]

Piercing the Corporate Veil

The Small Company in Turbulent Economic Times In these tough economic times, many owners of small businesses are scrambling to keep their company afloat. This often means using personal savings to pay company debt. The last thing a small business owner wants if the business ends up shutting its doors, is to be held personally […]